Stella’s Dress-up behendigheid behendigheid

Choose one of four models to dress up in the online fashion games Stella’s Dress-up. Each model has her own unique look, although your can alter her hairstyle if you want. You will assemble her outfit piece by piece in this game, starting with the tops.

For each part of her outfits, several options will flash by rapidly. Press the stop button to stop and receive three random items to choose between. Pick the item you like best. For all the subsequent items of clothing and accessories, try to pick the ones that look best with the rest of the outfit.

Are there one or two items you feel just don’t look right with the outfit you’ve created? No problem! Right before your model hits the runway you can still redo any number of items. Simple select the item and try to clothing roulette game again to see if any better items who up this time!

Once your outfit is complete you can send your model onto the runway for everyone to see how good she looks. Have fun playing Stella’s Dress-up on!