Ship the Sheep skill skill

In Ship the Sheep you are an alien. You’d like to abduct some sheep from the fields. Fly your UFO over the farm and use your traction beam to beam up a couple of sheep. Pick up a sheep and fly it back to your alien launch pad. Can you park the sheep neatly on the pad?

Watch out you don’t crash into anything with your UFO. You can only fly by moving left or right. Fly close to the sheep to activate your purple traction beam to make the sheep float up. The sheep will dangle helplessly under your ship, so make sure you don’t fly too fast or the traction beam will lose power and drop the sheep.

Make sure you don’t fly to close to any obstacles and bash the sheep against anything. That will also disturb the traction beam and cause your ship to drop its cargo. Can you fly around the level and find all the sheep? Bring them to your launch pad as quickly as you can for the full three-star score!

Have fun playing Ship the Sheep!