Pinball Panda skill skill

In Pinball Panda the panda is the pinball. Send the panda flying through the level to grab all the juicy pieces of fruit. Once you have eaten all this delicious fruit you can move on to the next level by landing the panda in the little rocket house. This will shoot the panda up to the next stage of the pinball machine.

React quickly and try to aim for the fruit. Tap the right flipper to make it shoot upward and flick the panda up into the air. Make sure your panda doesn’t fall in between the two flippers!

In each level, the panda has three hearts. You lose one each time you drop the panda past the flippers. Once you are out of hearts all the fruit you have collected reappears and you will have to start that level over again.

Have fun playing the fun pinball game Pinball Panda!