Cupcake Time skill skill

It’s Cupcake Time! Time to bake some delicious cupcakes with Molly & Cleo. Bake all kinds of delicious cakes with a little help from the little girl Molly, and her cat Cleo. Help this fun duo mix the batter by putting all the ingredients into the bowl in the right order. Once you’ve poured the batter into the cups you can switch on the oven. Watch out, because the oven will get quite hot!

When the cupcakes are ready, you can take them out of the oven. Let them cool down a bit first. Now the best part starts: you can decorate the cupcakes! Choose between all kinds of cute paper cups to put the cupcakes into. Spread on some icing in lots of different colours and add bright and colourful sprinkles!

When you have decorated all of your cupcakes you can choose a pretty cupcake stand to put them on. Look how great your cupcakes look now! Well done!

Have fun playing with Molly and Cleo in this cute video game for kids: Cupcake Time!