Bubble Hero 3D behendigheidskill behendigheid

In Bubble Hero 3D you have to try to rescue all the little mice by popping the bubbles holding them captive. You can pop these bubbles by hitting them with another bubble. The colour of the bubbles doesn’t matter.

You will also have to pop the coloured bubbles to advance through the levels. In this case, the colours do matter. Shoot three or more bubbles of the same colour together to make a combination and play away the bubbles. Once you play away the bubbles at the bottom of the screen, the game will automatically scroll up to reveal more of the level. Can you get all the way to the end of each level?

Along the way, you will also be able to collect special power-up bubbles such as bombs, fire bubbles, and bubbles you can use to pop any colour. Once you’ve collected one of these power-ups, you can select them for use at the bottom of the screen.

You can also see which bubble is in your cannon and which bubble will come next. Tap the little arrow to make these two bubbles switch places. You only have a set number of bubbles per level, and this way you can avoid wasting bubbles you cannot use right away.

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